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GSoC ends, but work goes on

Well GSoC came to an end. Thanks to my supportive mentor, Seth Lemons, for grading my work as satisfactorily meeting the intial requirements, and thus making my GSoC work a success.

But the work doesn't come to an end here. I plan on keeping this blog alive. Though got really busy for the past couple of weeks, with college coming to an end, project thesis presentations, shifting to a new place, setting up the new place... it was pretty much a mess.

Now, I've plans to work on my fork of figleaf. I made the C and Python report integration work properly, but the tool needs to be made user friendly. I still haven't submitted the patches for the test suite of Py3k that I wrote, need to get feedback from devs on that, and write more tests in the meanwhile.

GSoC was a great gateway into the world of core Python development, and I plan to make a good use of it, for the long term.

Keep expecting updates.


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