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It's done and its working. And there isn't much new to tell. If you have read my report on the integration of figleaf for py2.6, the details are very similar, just that the syntax is of course py3kish. I used Titus' port of figleaf to py3k (, with a few minor fixes.

The working is very similar to how the figleaf for py2.6 works. You have to use the -c/--c-coverage switch to give the directories holding C modules built with gcov support, and figleaf will incorporate their coverage report as well.

Now its time to work on writing new test cases for different modules. Many modules aren't 100% covered by its test suites, and there is a lot of room for improvements there. Of course I can't make all of them get completely covered, but I will write as much new tests as possible. I hope once I get started on the process and get used to it and get better familiarity with the code base, I can go on with the tests improvement well beyond GSoC.

Meanwhile, I am also going to give a try to make figleaf easy to use with gcov, and try to automate the static compilation of C modules for use with gcov.


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