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I've been discovering Gcov for the past week. Gcov is a C code coverage analysis tool developed by GNU. And its fun to use. :)

Well, I tried to do code coverage for a few modules. I started with zlib, well, because I found out someone had already used Gcov for its C coverage. Seems like Gcov isn't able to do code coverage for dynamically linked modules. So recompiling Python with statically linked modules is the first step for C coverage of the modules using Gcov. In case of zlib, it was easy meat. But then I started searching for ways to build whole of Python statically, with modules linked in statically as well. There is no supported way in Python build system for that, but a bit of manual hackery can be used to achieve the goal. You need to specify the modules you want to link statically in Modules/Setup.local. I need to do more research to come up with an efficient way of doing this.

Also found out a nice extension for Gcov called Lcov that can be used to generate nicely formated HTML reports of the coverage analysis.


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