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The pleasure of being accepted...

Having an eye on the GSoC ever since Google initiated it, but applying only this summer and getting accepted, indeed is a happy feeling.

For all those who couldn't make it this year, don't lose your morale. Get involved with your favorite opensource project, get to know the opensource community, get yourself a name, and try next year. You'll get in. 

I'll use this blog to document my progress on my GSoC project, which is with Python Software Foundation (PSF). The project formally begins on 23rd of May, but the time till then is a community bonding period during which I get to know my mentor organization, read documentation related to my project, get to know the code and how it is structured, etc. 

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  1. Seth said...
    In case you hadn't seen them, here are a few good starting resources:

    Sorry if these are things you're already familiar with, but I just wanted to make sure you had them. At some point, we'll have to chat about what you're familiar with and what you might want/need to find out more about.

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